One of the biggest problems in business, particularly in the Building and Construction Industry is GETTING PAID!

The first thing Moneify will do for you is to make sure your paperwork is Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (the SOP Act) compliant so that you can get paid in accordance with your rights.

The builder is bound to do so by section 12(1)(b) of the SOP Act. (Provided your invoice is SOP Act compliant)

Yes. The builder must do so to comply with the SOP Act (provided your invoice is SOP Act compliant) which is what we help administer and manage on your behalf.

No. It is unlawful for the builder to say that as per the SOP Act. You work for him and it is up to him to pay you regardless of whether he is ever paid.

Contact us and we will show you what needs to be done or better still, we will do it for you.

Yes. Moneify's professional team will send out your SOP Act compliant invoices with a "Payment Schedule" attached that makes it simple for your builder to certify/approve your claim. Then Moneify will monitor receipt of your money while you get on with your work.

If that's the problem, what is the solution?

At Moneify, we believe the solution is education and automation.

At a fixed fee for the level of service you choose, we will educate you, and automate your business systems in ways that will maximize your cash flow while minimizing manual data entry to provide you with the management information that helps you be more efficient. Which means more free time!

You get live access to your information and recovery of the money you are entitled to as a result of your hard work!

Moneify will be monitoring your claim and requesting your payment, all while you are doing your work. Gone are the worries of having to think about chasing your money. We will be working on your behalf and advising you on how to best action collection or collecting it for you under your instructions. All the while making sure to keep your relationship with the client top of mind.

Ten (10) days after your claim, Moneify will send an SOP Act section 18(2) notice to the builder on your behalf requiring certification/approval of your claim within 2 days.

We will assist you in requesting the appointment of an Adjudicator to certify your claim.

The Adjudicator will certify your claim which becomes your legally enforceable right to be paid.

The Adjudicator will take that into consideration but MUST issue his certificate within 10 days of his appointment.

We will assist you in arranging for a Court Order to be issued requiring the builder to pay or taking such other recovery action as you wish us to take.

The builder would be in contempt of Court and in default such that you make take action to recover your unfixed goods, or Moneify will assist you with over recovery options.

Is so, then the SOP Act is excluded, but you still have the right to be paid; the recovery actions are just different

Yes, just let your account manager know through the website, email or phone and we can easily change the plan for you.

Before you start using our services, we will send you a Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement executed by Moneify. Your data will always be treated strictly as private and confidential.

Yes. And there is no exit fee or consequences. The data you have provided is yours and will be returned to you within 2 business days and your privacy and confidentiality will remain.

Moneify can provide a range of services to help you; you choose the level of service that you want. The most important feature is that we help you get the money you are entitled to when you are entitled to get it.

We will soon be incorporating accounting, administrative, legal and project management support packages including;

- Accounts Receivable (per Project incl'g Deposits, Cash, EFT, PayPal, etc)
- Accounts Payable (external creditors, your expenses and employee expense claims)
- Payroll
- BAS returns
- P&L (project by project with simple to understand dashboards to show where you are in terms of time and money)
- P&L (whole of business - are you making money or just working hard and making no progress?)
- Balance Sheet (whole of business)
- ATO/Tax Returns/Corporate compliance
- EOFY Financial Statements

We have been running businesses for years! Lean on us for so we can share that experience. We will link you into software that will show you accurate and timely results of your hard work.

We will direct you to the relevant expertise and assist with your needs according to the issue you are facing.

Apart us from acting on your behalf we can also refer you local collections agencies for legal work."

We will link you into software that will address your need to view where your projects are compared to time, budget and cost to date before you find out that it's all gone pear shaped. It's unfixable after it's too late; take corrective action along the way.

If you are interested in being a part of our first users for these services please let us know.

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