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Moneify was founded by Ian McMaster after some 45 years in (mainly) the Building and Construction Industry around the world.
Powering Moneify are highly skilled accountants, a range of top-tier lawyers and vetted service professionals to provide the support and expertise you may need when required.
Ian has been working on project sites since 1989 and wishes to give back to you the benefits of the education and experience that his career has provided him.
Ian’s tertiary qualifications are Bachelor of Business (majors in Accounting, Administration and Law), PC-Arb [Arbitrator]. Ian has a Law degree in progress, is a trained Mediator and has acted as an Expert Determiner. During his full-time working career he also held various Trade certificates. A Certified Practicing Accountant is also part of the team.

Moneify CEO - Ian McMaster

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You have trained in what you do best; your trade. We are trained in the rest.

Allow Moneify's team and recommended contractors to help with your business administration.




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